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This book is your most valuable resource to gaining a competitive advantage in the workforce of the future!


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Leading Blind without Vision: The Benefits of Hiring the Blind and Visually Impaired is a handbook for human resource professionals and hiring managers who want to bring their organization into the 21st century using principles of diversity and inclusion.

You will read the shocking stories of Dr. Mona Minkara, Brian Banks, Belo Cipriani, and many others who have overcome the discrimination and inequity that haunts the labor force today. In spite of setbacks, these leaders have demonstrated that through dedication, adaptability, and creative problem solving, it is possible to thrive as a blind and/or visually impaired employee today.

Author Welby Broaddus takes readers along the employment journey using all five senses of human perception, and shares how employers can use this insiders knowledge to create more meaningful engagements with their next Blind and Visually Impaired employee. Along the way, Broaddus shares a wealth of resources for hiring managers, provides first-hand insight from leaders within the BVI community, and demonstrates why today’s blind and visually impaired population might just be one of the greatest untapped labor forces of the 21st century.

This book is your most valuable resource to gaining a competitive advantage in the workforce of the future!


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Welby Broaddus shares his lived experience coupled with his insightful business acumen, creating a read that makes you want to take action and improve access and inclusion across your business.

Meg O’ Connell, Disability & Inclusion Expert and Founder and CEO at Global Disability Inclusion

Inspiring...Insightful...Engaging! Welby Broaddus introduces the reader to the challenges of both the visually impaired worker and potential employers as they attempt to navigate the uncharted territory of workplace accommodation to achieve synergistic organizational relationships.

Sara Martin-Stalls, HR Director

Leading Blind without Vision centers the experiences of the Blind and Visually Impaired Community. This book also provides a foundation of education and awareness, a call to action for employers and HR departments to prioritize access and opportunities for the Blind Community in your Workforce Inclusion and DEI efforts.

Lisa Holyfield, PHR, SHRM-CP, IDI-QA

Leading Blind without Vision is a book for every HR, business owner, and Talent Acquisition Professional to read and learn about the job search experiences of blind and/or visually impaired professionals. You’ll think about the role you can play in a blind and visually impaired person's career and how you can greatly impact their future success.

Janet Smith, Managing Director and Talent Acquisitions Specialist at TalentSmith

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